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A) Short Analysis / 50.-€ (shipment only as e-mail )
Personal answer of 200-300 words to one question/ your most importent request/ expect.
After having studied the whole situation [X•] the text for the answer is unique created for each analysis (no text modules !!). The question [X•] should concern the development of a current problem, or the right moment to start a new venture. The answer refers to the next 12 months, but as well to your principal behavioral pattern on that score. The analysis can, under certain circumstances, also go beyond this period of 12 months (what however, does not replace the analysis for the next 12 months).
Included are a so-called Transit Calendar [X•], time graphic who indicates duration and climaxes of transit tendencies [X•] during the 12 examined months.
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[XX] Author, 3 decades of
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[XX] Analysis of Time/

Detailed explications for
JUPiter, SATurn, URAnus,
NEPtun, PLUto, SUN, MOOn,
MERcury, VENus, MARs;

the astrological Houses
(Ascendent and M.C), and the
current positions of planets
are in German or French only.

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Individually created answers
from approximate 220 words
GENERAL SITUATION: At the beginning of June 2003 a qualifying (rather pessimistic) retreat period comes to an end (critical Saturn in the astrological Houses 12/10). However, the serious life phase will still continue some time, and is marked by processing the previous experiences of your life. This also means a certain retreat, which does not come to an end before autumn 2004.

In the everyday and working life some necessary changes are still blocked up to the autumn. Now, tyrannical employee relationships express themselves very quickly as to psychosomatic illnesses. To regenerate it would be almost inevitable to change the employee relationship. Important is also the way of your nutrition – a fundamental changeover in that score is advisable. In the end of 2004 these kind of problems would have almost disappeared, and make room for a general regeneration, which has already begun in March, April 2003.

SPECIAL SITUATION/ DATES: From July, particularly in July and August 2003 you can count on a noticeable improvement of your situation. An optimistically expansive (and also healthy) phase starts (assisting healing processes – particularly for women). Individual success and acknowledgment, first of all concerning your financial situation, will be possible (expansive Jupiter in your astrological House 2). In autumn the situation is again getting more normlay, so July and August should be used well.
To leave the interpretation-text completely to a computer
(artificial intelligence) this would be as similarly senseless as to expect from an automatic translation-program the summary of a novel.
[X] Definition:
What's a Time Analysis?

A time analysis treats the quality of life experience within a 12 month period for one particular person. The statements (interpretations) refer on urge motives and not on facts or events. By character and special individual circumstances, the same motives can lead to very different events. E.g., nothing forced the president of the USA, G.W. Bush, to start 2 wars in order to fulfil his needs for an extreme expansion, an economic reform and religious zeal. Both wars were his individual and self responsible reaction to a mixture of special circumstances and cosmo-genetically stimulated motives.

Over one year period there are about 15-25 different tendencies which take shape at the rhythm of the 5 most important planetary clocks:

Uranus= liberation
Neptune= dissolution
Pluto= transformation

The technical term for these clocks is planet transits. These influences last for various lengths of time, they can show up to 4 climaxes, and they overlap mutually. This produces a complex, often contradictory situation.

A graphical view of the developpement arises by
a diagram representation of the transits
who helps the astrologer to get a general idea and summarize the situation during a certaine periode of time.
[X] Example 1
Diagram representation of transits
who helps the astrologer to get a general idea and summarize the situation during the asked periode of time.

45-year-old woman/ married/ children already from the house/ office employee/ marriage problems as a result of the husband’s change of job/ and his relationship
with another woman.
When will the continuing problems come to an end?
[X] Example 2
Diagram representation of transits
who helps the astrologer to get a general idea and summarize the situation during the asked periode of time.

Woman/ 50-year-old/ single/ artist/ emigrated/ after car accident and operation/ depressions/ recently
the idea the life has run.
When can an improvement of the situation be expected?
Bear in mind: The real individual situation and the social environment having a big influence on the realization of these cycles, making it meaningful to limit a view for only 12 months. Time (=life) is in a continuous conversion. If one goes too far to the future, the findings are too theoretical and too detached from reality. E.g., it would be quite meaningless to know the weather forecasts for several years in advance.

A prognosis text describes only abstract structures of the future, like a skeleton without flesh. Therefore, this can easily end in fantasising on the real situation (the "missing flesh"). This could generate excessive hops and deceptions. So, it is important to reflect on your real possibilities (individual and social conditions).

An incredible success or a disaster is more likely the exception, not the standard. Life is quite normal - that's why, we love fairy tales, novels, imaginations, films etc. On the contrary a time analysis gives you only sober indications. You verify their often banal truth better after, than before the calculated period.
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by OWN
Individually created answers
from approximate 200 words

GENERAL SITUATION: The momentary family problems will in 2003 still increase crucially. If you want to keep your family and married life it demands match sensitivity and idealism from you also over the year 2004.

The attitude in the family area (home/ relationship) leads particularly in 2004 to very unclear situations (transit of Neptune in the astrological House 4). The more you and those surrounding you deny the facts, the more opaque this crisis becomes. It makes no sense to deceive yourself and others about the reality of the situation. It is possible that your marriage may show signs of disintegration. If you don’t want just to live side by side (only wanting to keep up appearances) you must come to clear and realistic decisions in your mutual cooperation.

At the end of the year in October 2002 and between January and February of 2003 as well as at the beginning of June 2003, an optimistic phase is starting, which likely has a positive effect on your current problems. Nevertheless, you should not overestimate this phase, because then the basic problem can be perhaps only whitewashed, instead of causing a real change.
[X] What’s a transit ?
A transit comes into being, if a running planet hits on a past sky position of the birth-moment. The situation resembles a clock, where the current planet is the pointer and the remembered one forms the figure sheet.

[X] What’s a transit calendar ?
This time graphic on the left (for 12 months ) indicates duration and climaxes of transit tendencies. It helps the astrologer to get a general idea and summarize the situation during the asked periode of time. Only the main tendencies are individually interpreted, according to a possible question (in the analyses and the calendar example on the left side underlined or a ring around).

[X] What entails the study
of the whole situation ?
This means that in addition to the transit calendar also the birth-situation (birth chart) and the so named secondary transits are included and reviewed - and all that is covered by your individual situation, your possible question. Here on this side no birth chart is illustrated, for more information look the german version.

This holistic consideration is an integral mental process, which is not replaceable by a computer. It requires experience of many years. Often it turns on a simplistic solution using complex linguistic formulations, viewing the perspective and summarizing or focusing statements. Only this treatment, worked out by human being (and not by computers), makes an annual synopsis useful.

On the contrary, pure computer interpretations mostly offer an immense text fullness, from which one can pick and choose the fitting statements, finally making the whole interpretation just as you like. With artificial intelligence oppositions of inner being (opposite statements) are even eliminated, instead of being comprehensibly represented. However, expressed oppositions in character and actions are an essential component of human existing and human problems.

[X] What do you get
without giving any
information or question ?

In such a case the analysis still gives an explanation about
your development. However, the formulations become more universally applicable.

E.g., in the first example on the top left, the domestic difficulties could apply just as well on changing the residence, or building a house, on children or parents (particularly the mother), on a woman’s illness - or on the family on a more general sense. For a man (husband) the difficulties could apply on his wife. And completely generally they could concern the social environment (homeland). For a politician, e.g., there might be a bad phase in his popularity (demanding reforms or be forced into it).

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* Time of the birth in 24h form:
e.g. 17h33 local time/ no summer or zone times depart.
The more exactly the better. The birth time is most in clinics and registry offices information registers.
On mother's side the birth time is often inaccurately.

* Birth-town/ country:
being a small place, indicate in addition the next big city
[X] One question/ subject/ headword: not obligatorily but very useful.
You can indicate a subject or key word (e.g., occupation, separation, edition of a book etc). You can also ask a specified question and describe individual circumstances. However, concentrate in such a case on the the one, the ESSENTIAL question. Expect an answer without prediction of specific facts; you will be able to make your own decisions from the forecast situation.
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