By the interplay of earth SUN MOON and PLANETS, biological clocks appear, which regulate life in a rhythmic and vegetative way. These clocks, that we are not conscious of, are metronomes of life, which affect us not only biologically, but also emotionally. They connect the inner self to the exterior life, and network us into intricate life systems of our planet.
At birth each planet has its own clock, whose hands take life from the planets rotation around the sun. The entire dial of these clocks is formed by the positions of all planets on the ecliptic circle at the moment of birth (birth chart = horoscope = greek: look at the time). So, at birth several cosmogenic clocks start to turn, which affect each individual life, as well as their involvement with others (society, community). One can distinguish between the quicker moving, individual clocks (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars), and those which run more slowly and connect us more with social activity. But the differences are not always very clear. There is also an individually sensitivity for certain clocks, depending on personal and/ or cultural backgrounds.

The rhythms of the 5 EXTERIOR and SLOW PLANETS: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, network us more to collective events. These slow planet cycles are of special importance as regards to our cooperation as social beings. As social natures, the individuals are dependent of each other, and from the mankind as a whole. Our beings, each individual is dependent on each other, and on mankind as a whole. Our life, our social successes and failures are based on mutual exchange. From infancy, we are conditioned by family, school, work; our background guides our social behaviour (collective characteristics). However, cosmogenic research shows that many of our activities, which appear individually inspired, run in agreement with collective movements, which are in connection with cosmic cycles, and with the whole life on our planet.

With the knowledge of such cosmogenic cycles, also in individual life, changes can be defined and controlled better. We can prepare ourselves better for any emotional upsets and mood swings in both private and professional life, and use more effectively our energy.

By the slowness of these 5 planet clocks, many people experience simultaneously similar phenomena, without however being conscious of this synchronisation. Therefore, it is possible to undertake certain actions with better results at certain times, because e.g., one is helped toward by an optimistic Jupiter wave. This is like surfing: the wave unrolls independent to our will. However, he who decides, at the right moment, with the necessary will and know how, can also improve on his success (and this should not only be understood materially and externally, but also as an inner fulfilment). One must not forget, this always remains a relative success depending on ones own possibilities and circumstances (this qualifying factor is particularly important). This also concerns a difficult wave, which can be surfed intelligently or not. Besides, it is important to understand these cycles for the purposes of simple development tendencies - without immediately connecting them to unusual events (or disasters) - as can often happen in astrology. Above all, these cycles describe given circumstances, however, they give little information as to what extent we are the activating cause or the passive participants (winners or victims).

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of the most important planetary clocks
The illustration
shows two schematic views of the solar system with the orbits of the planets in two different moments (birth-moment = birth-pattern = dial of cosmic clocks).

At the moment of birth, the positions of the planets are projected on an astronomical circle measure, placed around the earth (blue = circle of the signs of the zodiac), and their positions are examined for the different distances between each one (red in the picture). First of all, the distances by 0, 60, 90, 120, 180 ° are considered. The energy-pattern obtained, is unconsciously stored by the newborn as an individual identity sheet (dial of cosmic clocks). If, during the planetary course, positions or distances repeat themselves, the motivating structures, being connected with it, are activated. E.g., examinations during breaks in short wave transmissions proved that planets cause magnetic if they come into a distance of 90 or 180° to each other (in related to the sun). In the Time Analyses the appropriate distances (earth related) are marked by red and yellow
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(not true to scale)
representation of
of the solar system

As with plants as human beings too, there are periods of growth young shoots (driving forces), of blossoming and placing of roots, or times of a self-cleansing elimination process (critical correction phases). Each individual, as well as mankind as a whole has his own development-rhythm which is calculable, and foreseeable up to a certain degree. One can compare these cosmogenic cycles to a natural time and growth organism (time body/ time = space). Through civilization and rationalization, mankind has created himself an increasingly artificial, mechanical world, which certainly, has advantages for our mechanical-social life, but which ignores and often destroys even the original vegetative-individual rhythm. This opposition of natural and artificial rhythms of life can cause many problems, including psychosomatic illnesses.
Astronomical clock
on the town hall of Prague
(Altstädter Rathaus)
The French count Jean de Berry (born on 30.11.1340) orders 1413 from the Flemish brothers Limberg of Nimwegen the so named "Très riches heures" (hour books / the precious hours).These are the most beautiful miniatures available from the Middle Ages (book illuminations / 21 x 29 cm).
The real rotation is the revolution of the planets around the sun (blue arrow), it goes counter clockwise, this is opposed the optical impression, watching the stars on the night sky, or the sun running during the day (see direction in the picture on the top).
planet clocks
... and cosmogenic cycles
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