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     «kosmogen»   (M25/251)

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Detailed explications for
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And the astrological Houses (Ascendent and M.C),

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[X] Construction of a chart

A chart represents the cosmic situation at the minute of birth. In the centre stands the earth, with the moon turning around the earth, and the planets turning around the sun. As a result of the constant change of the positions in space, the chart changes a few minutes after birth, and thus symbolises our cosmic baptism, and can be construed as a circuit chart of our soul.


Planets and other cosmic points are projected and recorded on the ecliptic, and then the aspect angles between their projected positions are measured. The ecliptic is the projection of the Sun-Earth orbit. Here is sketched on the rim the zodiac, the ancient graduated circle with its traditional animal symbols. The characteristics assigned to planets, and aspect distances are based on millenniums of experiences.




But a modem statistical verification of astrology is difficult, and the causality is to this day scientifically improvable. A logical approach is only possible through analogous thinking, and scientific speculation. Among psychologists only the analytical psychologists (C.G. Jung) are sometimes ready to include an astrological, in their psychological analysis.


Approximately 400 000 combinations of planetary positions are available for the evaluation by an astrological analysis, and in de­tailed research this number can increase to over one million possible com­binations. In the case of a kosmogen analysis about 500 to 1000 combinations can be applied. The determination of the valence in the combi­nation vis-à-vis the personal environment is of great importance in the evaluation of single specific factors in a given character. This represents an intuitive, creative process that only people con achieve (an analysis made by an astrologer). The application of computers can be wise or foolish - as in psychology or in medicine.   


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